Starting A Business 101: Steps 4-6

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Welcome to the second official post on the mini series Starting A Business 101. Here we will be discussing steps four through six that it takes to start a business. If you missed the first three steps, head on over to catch up!

Step 4: Naming Your Business
Finding a name can be difficult but this is when having a consultant or group of other like-minded individuals helps. Don’t let yourself get discouraged; this can be such an exciting step in the process! This is where it all really starts to come together.

Step 5: Picking A Business Structure
This is another important step that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you decide to form an LLC, sole proprietorship or form a corporation; it will have a large impact on your business.

Step 6: Getting Proper Business License and Permits
This will be a step that varies for each company and where you are located. You may need to register with your city and state, apply for an EIN and fill out other paperwork for taxes and zoning permits, etc.

Please joing us in 4 weeks for Steps 7-9 in this mini series of Starting A Business 101!

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