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Purely Designed LLC logo - branding + website designer located in southeastern Wisconsin serving local makers, artist, creative entrepreneurs and mompreneurs.

The design process.

Your brand and design elements are the foundation of your company. The process below is all about making sure you fully understand the value behind the steps. Because we're doing soul work, you deserve my full attention. That's why every project starts with a deep dive into who you are.


I want to get to know you, your vision and your goals. If you feel like you don't have answers to these just yet, no worries, we'll figure them out together. I'll ask lots of questions to discover your personal WOW factor, target your ideal clients and develop your business goals. This helps us both get on the same page before we even get started.


I don't believe in giving you something that looks good but a design that actually works and converts. We will research your goals, target audience and competitors, examining all the data from our initial conversations. Then I'll blend it all into a show-stopping vision board that becomes the first peek of your new brand.

Brand Design.

I take a one concept approach, playing with a variety of directions then narrowing down as we go, in order to deliver the best and most succinct solution for your brand. Your concept will be presented through an in-depth PDF presentation, where I'll walk you through all my reasoning behind the design elements.

Website Design.

We take all the strategic branding we just did and use that as the foundation for designing your website. We design the perfect site for your brand over the course of a few weeks, making changes and editing as we go. This strategy will help us reach your best clients and get your services booked or products purchased.

Marketing Pieces.

I'll design additional marketing pieces of your choice to get your brand off the screen and into your client's hands. This step, along with finalizing your website, puts all the elements we created together in one space. Almost there!!

Pop the champagne!

Woohoo! Time to launch! I'll package and send over all of the files needed to successfully get your brand out into the world, along with an extensive Branding Guidelines document you can refer back to. And then we'll hit "publish" on everything we've done! Followed with a glass of champagne ... or sparkling cider if champagne isn't your cup of tea (or alcohol). What do you say?!?