Want to receive a $250 credit? Heck yeah!

Purely Designed LLC logo - graphics, marketing, social and web designer located in southeastern Wisconsin serving local makers, artist, creative entrepreneurs and mompreneurs.


Turning your passion into a business can be an exciting time, but there can be other things you value in your life that might get pushed aside to start your business ... but they don't have to!

What do you value...

Do you value time with your family/friends/loved ones over always working? Doing your damn best at your passion over feeling like it is all half-assed? Building an honest following over fake followers for a quick "like?" Diversifying yourself over following a trend? Going on new adventure over staying in your comfort zone?

What my clients receive...

An identity that is more than just a logo. All printed items that are more than just a business card. A website design with more than just a basic template. A complete brand that is more than beautiful fonts and colors. A solid strategy that is more than individual pieces glued together.

Branding Identity.

A logo is the very first brick in establishing your brand. Each element, from your website and social media accounts to your marketing materials, adds more bricks to establish a solid foundation to your brand.

Marketing Strategy.

In today's world you need to have a solid marketing plan to reach your target audience. By creating a dynamic marketing plan across all social media platforms you establish credibility with your clients.

Products + Photography.

If your business includes products these are more opportunities to showcase your brand. Once you have your products in branded packages, you will need photos of them to post online and share with the world.

Social Media + Maintenance.

Social media platforms are easy to use, however, it's important to consistently maintain them with news about your business, products and/or services. Posting updates across all social media channels on a regular basis can be hard and time consuming, taking you away from what you love to do!

Web Design + Development.

People say you aren't a "real" company if you don't have a website. Having a professionally designed website has major advantages over using a website to create your website, yup, a bit confusing. Going the professional route you are guaranteed your brand is consistent throughout!

Web Site Maintenance.

Similar to Social Media Maintenance your website needs to be updated on a weekly or at least monthly basis for Google to keep you high on the search results. Not to mention making it SEO (search engine optimization) friendly for Google bots to search for new content. Time consuming!!

How can I work with you?

Everything sounds exactly like what I need! What are my next steps to connect with you?